Lisfranc injury

The swelling on top of her left foot is typical of a lisfranc injury. This was taken just a few hours after then injury so the bruising had not really developed yet. Within 2 days her whole foot was purple.


Mia Rose is a 14 year old level 9 artistic gymnast who sustained a lisfranc injury to her left foot on November 9, 2016 while doing a back tuck on the balance beam. We decided to start this blog because there are so few positive stories of recovering from this injury out there, and none that relate to female gymnasts. She is now 3 months into her recovery and doing extremely well so we’re taking time to share her story and will continue to update on her progress as she continues to recover. There is tons of information online regarding what a lisfranc injury is, so I won’t go into that on this blog.

The mental impact of a lisfranc injury and long recovery process on a competitive gymnast is at least as difficult as the physical impact. We are very fortunate to have had wonderful support from other families at the gym and especially from her fantastic coaches who have been very encouraging from the moment of the injury. They have also been extremely patient with me as I have spent a lot more time on the gym than usual watching to be sure that Mia Rose strictly abides by her doctors orders (gymnasts are notorious for pushing through injury and in this case the consequences of not following orders could be catastrophic), grabbing them for frequent updates, and taking lots of videos of what she was doing throughout her recovery so that I can share through this blog in order to give others going through this some hope as there is so little hope to be found online right now.

We would have loved to read about other gymnasts who had successfully come back from this injury and are hoping that by sharing her story, we can offer hope to other athletes who are working hard to come  back from this serious injury.

In order to avoid the world’s longest blog post and make this blog easier to navigate in the long run, I’m going to write a series of posts to cover the first three months of her recovery.


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