Gearing up to Compete again!

20170304_150906Mia Rose has had a very busy week and a half since she was cleared to start working her way back into gymnastics. She has been working extremely hard and coming back with lightening speed. As of today her gymnastics routines are strong enough and her foot is feeling good enough that she was give the green light by her head coach to compete all-around this weekend at the last regular meet of the season.

Her goal for this weekend, of simply making the qualifying score for states would not have even crossed her mind this season if she had not ended up on this lisfranc recovery journey, since in the past that has not been a stretch and she has focused on loftier goals. But after 3.5 months of not being able to use her foot, just 3 weeks to recover from the hardware removal surgery and 2 weeks of being allowed to do impact activities…just getting enough of her skills back to be able to compete all-around and try to qualify for states is a lofty goal indeed.

Her last two practices went well and that has left her feeling very happy and hopeful which is exactly where her head needs to be as she heads into the competition. I hope that in my next post I will be able to share that she qualified, because that would make her incredibly happy. But no matter what, I am extremely proud of how hard she has worked physically and mentally to get herself to where she is today. This is a very long and challenging road and she has traveled it like a champion and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

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