17.5 weeks post-op and more good stuff!

In the middle of her 1.5 twist on floor.

Lots more good progress over the past two weeks. At states, just 17 weeks post ORIF, Mia Rose qualified to Regional Championships on vault. She is thrilled to have earned the opportunity compete one more time this season.

The other big milestone is that she”graduated” from physical therapy on Tuesday. She will continue to do her home exercises but doesn’t need to see the therapist any more. Although we adore our wonderful PT, this is great news.

I put together a video of Mia Rose’s recovery journey from diagnosis through last weekend, one more piece of my effort to try to spread hope as far and wide as I can. VIDEO: https://youtu.be/lcdl2xtRMZA


2 thoughts on “17.5 weeks post-op and more good stuff!

  1. That’s awesome!! Congrats to Mia Rose for qualifying and at only just a few weeks after her screw removal! I am currently able to walk without crutches in shoes but still use one crutch because my ankle was really painful. The pain has improved compared to the start but it is still preventing me from walking at a somewhat normal pace. I was wondering if Mia Rose experienced this and if you have any advice on how to cease the pain? I look forward to hearing more from Mia Rose’s journey as well as her excellent progress in gymnastics 🙂


    1. Thanks, Zoe. Ankle pain has been the worst part of getting out of the boot and back to activities for Mia Rose too. This week her ankle is finally feeling mostly good as of this week and the only lingering pain seems to be some plantar fasciitis right along the edge of her arch…her PT said that’s really common from being immobilized.

      For the ankle pain, increased activity helped (though it was hard at first because it hurt) and ice a couple of times a day. Also, using KT (or kenesio) tape helped a bit. We just searched on you tube for “KT tape for ankle pain” and tried a few different techniques until we found the one that helped most. Also this video https://youtu.be/sBlin7S78cE shows an easy to do ankle adjustment that helped a lot…doing it several time a day made a difference, and she still uses it if her ankle is bothering her. She took Aleve (naproxen soduim) for a few days when it was really bothering her which is non-prescription here in the US and that helped quite a bit. Long term it can irritate the stomach, but along with everything else it helped to set her on the path to feeling better.

      I hope that your recovery continues to go well amd that soon your ankle is feeling good. I will show Mia Rose your message this afternoon when I get home from work and see of she has any other suggestions.



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