Things keep getting better.

New video20170429_170041    It has been 3 almost months since the screws were removed and exactly 6 months since the injury, and Mia Rose continues to see improvement in her foot and her left leg overall. The general consensus is that you continue to see improvement throughout the first year so she’s at the halfway mark and doing really well. She tapes her arch (to support the whole arch/underside of the foot) and wears an ankle brace for preventive ankle support while at practice and she is now able to do everything she wants without any problems. She still sees some swelling at the end of the day both in the gym and on weekends out and about, but it isn’t bad at all and doesn’t slow her down. She is even able to wear wedge heels when dressed up without a problem.

Now that she’s well into the recovery process she is working some pretty cool new skills in the gym.  Here’s her new vault (yurchenko full) that she got to flip onto mats rather than into a foam pit for the first time yesterday.  VIDEO I can’t wait to see what it looks like in a few more weeks.  She’s working new skills on the other events too but this is the only one I’ve been around to catch on video.

2 thoughts on “Things keep getting better.

  1. Awesome to hear that Mia Rose is recovering so well and wishing her the best for continued recovery improvement in the future 🙂 I was wondering what Mia Rose’s experience with walking after hardware removal was? Is it safe to walk straight after removal as I am scared that I will fracture a bone again as there are holes where the screws used to be? My foot also feels weaker compared to when the screws were still in there lol


    1. Mia Rose’s doctor told her that once the incisions had 7 days to heal it was fine for her to do anything that she was comfortable doing. So she began running and even jumping at that point. She did lots of PT exercises both before and after screw removal to get strength back in all of the little support muscles. She says that she didn’t notice it feeling weaker after removal. What has your doctor told you about walking now? I would definitely recommend following what he said…and doing PT if you aren’t already.

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