I thought I’d take a few minutes for an update now that Mia Rose is a little more than 3 years post-op and still doing wonderfully. Since my last update, her foot has continued to feel great through all of the demands that high-level gymnastics puts on it.

She is now a second year Level 10, and her bigimg_20191217_144023 news is that she has committed to compete Division 1 gymnastics for Temple University beginning in the fall of 2020, GO OWLS!  At this point, the only real reminder of the injury is her scars. Considering how many horror stories we encountered when she was first injured, that is a huge blessing.

Here’s a recent training compilation video to give you an idea of what she demands of her feet every day successfully.

I continue to maintain this blog because when she was early in her recovery, I was desperate for stories about people recovering fully and returning to their prior athletic endeavors, and it was nearly impossible to find any.  I decided that if she accomplished that goal, I would share the story as far and wide as possible. I don’t spend much time updating these days, because there isn’t much to say other than she is successfully and happily back to the life of a healthy teenage athlete. I periodically get emails through this blog from other athletes and parents of athletes who are early on in a lisfranc injury which I love. Spreading a bit of hope, and sharing what I learned along the way when it can help someone else makes me very happy.  

I wish the very best to everyone who is on the road to recovery from this injury, it is a long and difficult road for sure and everyone’s journey is different, but it is absolutely possible to get back to health and doing the things you love!

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