First full day without hardware


Mia Rose is feeling very good considering she had surgery just yesterday. For anyone who is wondering what the lisfranc hardware removal surgery recovery is like…it is *much* easier than the lisfranc ORIF surgery! Extra strength tylenol and elevation have been all she needs to manage it. The incisions are sore but not terrible. The front of her ankle is also sore…we’re guessing from the position they had her foot in while they were removing the hardware. But she is able to use her foot without increased pain which is great.

Using the ARP Wave system

She’s been using the ARP Wave machine lots since the surgery to help accelerate her recovery.  Right now it is set for recovery. Next week she will move back into the rehab protocols to help rebuild lost muscle and improve neuromuscular patterns in order to help prevent future injuries. We are really hoping that adding this to the rest of her rehab will make a difference in both the long and short term.

Hardware Removal Day!

All changed for her hardware removal surgery

Today is the beginning of the final phase of this recovery process. Mia Rose’s hardware is coming out! It has been 12 long weeks to the day for her.  (Even though we know that many have hardware for much longer, it has felt like an eternity to her).

While she was not looking forward to another IV, post-op nausea, or incision healing process, she is *really* looking forward to being allowed to do more impact and sports-specific rehab in the near future. I will update this once she’s out of surgery.  (I’m in the same day surgery waiting room as I write this.)

Surgery went very well. The surgeon confirmed that all of the joints were stable after he removed the screws which is what needed to happen.  Before the surgery we told the anesthesiologist that she woke up vomiting and miserable last time and he promised to try to make adjustments to help minimize that to the extent possible this time. The great news is that it worked! By the time we got to see her, she was sitting up smiling and ready to leave, an entirely different experience than the last time. She had no trouble keeping down the ginger ale they gave her as soon as she woke up and within 20 minutes she was happily gobbling down the container of mixed berries that we had gotten for her in the cafeteria. No nausea at all and far less groggy that the first time around!

She had some soreness but no serious pain in her foot. After getting some breakfast I took her over to the gym so she could see her coach and team mates for a few minutes and then headed back home to snuggle into the recliner with her foot up.