November 21, 2016: First post-op visit with the surgeon

Post-op x-ray showing the three screws that were used align all of the bones so that her ligament can heal properly.

November 21, 2016: Four days after surgery, Mia Rose had her first post-op visit with the surgeon. At that point she no longer needed the percocet and was able to manage the pain with Aleve, which she only took for a couple of days after that. Although she was not pain free, she really disliked taking the meds and like many gymnasts, she has a high pain tolerance so she was happier medication free and I think that being fully aware of what increased her pain helped her to chose her activities more appropriately than if the pain had been blunted by drugs.

The surgeon took x-rays to confirm that everything was as it should be, and it was, and then put her in a hard cast to protect her foot as it healed. She was not thrilled with the color of the cast (orange) and when asked said that she preferred blue, but they didn’t have that so orange was it.

She was given orders to remain on crutches *strictly* non-weight bearing and to elevate her foot as much as needed to control the pain and swelling. We also asked about using the iWalk (aka “peg leg”) instead of crutches so that she would be able to have her hands free and keep her leg and glute muscles more active while she was recovering and the surgeon said that was fine.

One good thing was that the surgeon told her she could swing bars as long as she was absolutely certain that her foot never touched the ground. He also told her that she should keep her conditioning up throughout her recovery. Armed with that information we stopped by the gym on the way home from the doctor to say hello and update her coaches, but she opted not to go to practice until the next day.

The orange cast…she’s not thrilled about it, but at least it is well protected now.

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