November 18, 2016: On the road to recovery begins

Post-op rest and elevation surrounded by the thoughtful gifts from friends and the company of family.

The nerve block wore off after about 12 hours at which point the pain in her foot was intense and she definitely needed the percocet that the doctor had prescribed. While she was grateful for the pain relief she really did not enjoy the way it dulled her thinking or made her queasy so she was anxious to get off of it as soon as possible. Thankfully she only needed to take them consistently for three days.

She spent a lot of time in her dad’s recliner with her foot propped up an lots of pillows which helped to keep the pain and swelling controlled. Cuddles from her kitties and lots of good books were her preferred distractions though there was plenty of television in the mix too.

Friends and family were incredibly sweet and supportive, she had lots of visitors, cards and phone calls which really helped to get her through.

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