November 17, 2016: Surgery Day

The pillow with well wishes from the gymnasts and coaches was a huge comfort to her during the long wait in pre-op. She held it tight until the moment they took her back to the operating room.

November 17 was surgery day. The surgery lasted about 90 minutes though we were at the hospital for about 9 hours because of a 4 hour delay getting her into the OR.  She had not been able to eat after midnight…so it was a very long and hungry day for her. The surgery went well and the surgeon was able to get all of the bones properly aligned which is the most important thing for proper healing. The anesthesia made Mia Rose rather sick, so getting through that was rough. But once she stopped vomiting and had a short nap in the car on the way home, she was feeling pretty good and was ravenous. They did a nerve block to numb her leg from the knee down during surgery, so once she was awake she had no pain and thoroughly enjoyed  her dinner.

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